Philosophy of Education

I believe that every child deserves the right to an education. As a teacher I hope to be able to stimulate an environment that will allow them room to where they can grow socially, intellectually, and emotionally. I want to create a classroom that is safe where no student would hesitate speaking their mind. To do this I must be honest and open with my students and admit my mistakes when they arise. I believe that admitting to the mistakes you’ve made is beneficial to the growth of the learner and this will allow my students to take risks and move out of the their comfort zone

I believe that no two students are the same and because of this every student will learn differently. It is my duty as a teacher to learn and help each individual student reach their potential to the best of my ability. I don’t want students to just memorize information but to actually understand it. To do this I want to create assignments and projects that engage the learner and are authentic tasks. There are many ways to gage the students’ understandings such as, verbal and visual presentations, conversations, observations, discussion, the list could go on. I want to bring a variety of tasks to my classroom so that I can meet the needs of all my students. Because classrooms have a vast range of learners, it is necessary to allow students to express themselves, their passions and interests in a variety of ways.

I am also a firm believer that physical education is just as important as our core classes. I believe it is extremely important to be physically literate as it will be beneficial when they are adults. They can continue being active outside of school which is not only good for the body but also the mind. In my class I want to create an environment that allows all students to participate fully without feeling judge by their peers. I tend to play a variety of games in my classroom as I find students learn best when they don’t even know they are actually learning. I find incorporating physical education into my other classes is beneficial because moving brain breaks helps students get re-focused and motivated. I am and always have been very passionate about physical education and I hope to continue incorporating into all of my teaching.

Lastly, I want to inspire students the same way my teachers did for me. They made me passionate and a life-long learner. They made the classes I struggled in fun and engaging, the same I hope to do with my students and subjects. I was able to form relationships with my teachers and knew I could always ask for help when I needed to. As a teacher I hope to build my own professional relationships with my students where they know I’ll always be there to help. Creating relationships is huge in teaching. You get to know your students better which helps you better understand how they learn.

Teaching provides the opportunity for continual personal growth. It is a profession where you will continue to grow and learn as long as you want to. I know that in this moment I am not perfect and will probably never be. But every day I will continue to strive towards being the best person and teacher that I can be. It is important for children in this society to see the value of education and I hope to be able to instill this value in every child that crosses my path.