Projects and Activities

Math 8

Shopping Percent Project – Students created their own “store” where they had to sell 5 items. Each item had to have an original price and a sale price (each item had to have a different percent off) Once all the students were finished making their own calculations they went “shopping” and had to “buy” 4 items from classmates flyers. Check out the handout!

Math 9

Surface Area Project – Near the winter holidays, I pretended that we were going to decorate the lunch rooms and hallways. Students had to measure the surface area of 3-D objects and find what it would cost to cover in fake snow, snowflakes etc. This can be adapted for any holiday or any items in your school.

P.E. 8

F.I.T.T. plan assignment, log book and blank fitness plan. I used all three of these for a major assignment in my Grade 8 phys. ed. class. The first link leads to the assignment, part III and IV. The other links are part I and II of the assignment. This lasted a couple months in my class and I can’t take credit for all of the work as I did get the outline for the fitness plan from Weyburn Junior High. I did create the other sections for this assignment. All students were partnered up and created workout plans for themselves. Every other week they had an opportunity to workout in class but they did have to take time to do it at home occasionally.

Science 8

What is Light – Lab: Activity sheet for what is light lab in the Saskatchewan Science 8 textbook with few adaptations to fit the needs my class.

*if anyone wants any of the originals, so they can make changes feel free to contact me as I am more than willing to share*