Are You Ready to be Scared?

Are You Ready to be Scared?

My phone has had a brutal week. First I ended up using all my data with 12 days left of the month.

12. Days.

I recently read Mr. Ryan McKillop’s post about having his phone FaceBook free for the last 3 months. My eyes bulged when I read that too, don’t worry. But being data free I realized how often I was checking my social media sites and it was frustrating at first not having them load whenever I wanted them too. 10 days later I seem to have broken this obsession I hope. I now only check it when I am at my home since it doesn’t work anywhere else. (yah, yah I know I could hook it up to other wifi’s but the university one is just not fast enough).

But honestly, this wasn’t the worst thing to happen to it this week. This morning I wake up to the sound of a text message. In my groggy state, I tap on my app and wait for it open. I wait and wait and wait some more when it suddenly dawns on me that there is something not quite right. I start tapping all over the screen and realize that my phone has frozen. Before I even have a chance to restart my phone it shuts off and starts to boot up again. I think to myself “this is weird, oh well.” But here is the thing it never finishes. Every time it starts up the LG screen shows up and stays on for 30 seconds and restarts again. Crashing over and over again. Are you scared yet?

I can feel the withdrawal already happening, I got the shakes! It’s been less that two hours and I have already asked my boyfriend to pass me my phone several times even though I know it doesn’t work. I am at a loss right now. Without my phone I have already showered, gotten dressed, ate breakfast, washed dishes, and written a blog post. I don’t know what I will do with all my time. I will be venturing to SaskTel today to see what they can do. I just know I will be getting a loaner phone and the only phones I have here are a broken iPhone 4 and a Samsung Flip Phone.

This flip phone was from like grade 10. That’s like 6 -7 years ago!! I plugged it in this morning has a joke and it still works. BOO! AH! I am not sure what I’ll do if I get stuck with it. I guess I’ll become a T9 pro texter again.

I know this week’s blog prompt was about social activism but since I was missing due to the flu/cold I decided to tell you a horror story. I will be reading/commenting on my fellow classmates blogs to catch up what I missed. But if anyone has any tips on fixing/restarting LG G4’s please don’t hesitate to comment. I am desperate. Fingers crossed SaskTel is nice to me today.


5 thoughts on “Are You Ready to be Scared?

  1. I hope Sasktel was nice to you and you’re feeling better! I know I feel lost when I forget my phone at home when I go to school. I think cellphones are a safety net for many people now a days. It is always different choosing not to use your phone and not being able to use it because it is broken.


    1. Hi Kylie SaskTel was awesome to me thankfully. I got hooked up with brand new phone while my other one is getting repaired. It’s nerve wracking when you don’t choose to lose your phone. I’m hoping with the new one I don’t spend as much time on it.


  2. Oh my gosh! That is scary.. but actually, I was thinking about deleting social media apps off of my phone because I am addicted. It is so sad, but so true!! It is so hard to go without something you are used to checking EVERY DAY! Thanks for sharing your story 🙂


  3. As scary as it does sound, I think having my phone Facebook free for three months sounds awesome! I know I am on Facebook way too often, especially when I should be doing homework. It would be difficult to get used to, but very beneficial. Great post!

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  4. I did not have Facebook until about two years ago, so I can remember a time when I didn’t spend so much time on it. I think that so many people just use it as a way to waste time! Although the I can’t say I’m necessary addicted to social media, I think we could all benefit by spending less times on our cell phones! Thanks for sharing!


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