So Many Passwords…

So Many Passwords…

Okay, everyone, I have found the site that will save you plenty of time. It’s a gift from heaven in fact. I was browsing my feedly this evening trying to find other blogs to add to my reader I did a quick search and found The P.E. Geek and it took me one of his most recent articles, Top Apps for PE Teachers – Part 43. Which led me to this awesome site called LastPass.

If you’re like me and can’t remember any passwords or constantly use the same password over and over again this is the site for you. I always joked if someone could figure out one of the passwords they basically figure out all of them.

Basically, you create an account and you start adding any websites that you may have an account for. This takes a little work since I couldn’t figure out a way to add them without logging out first and re-logging in. If you figure out an easier way let me know I still have lot’s to add!

This is also a google chrome extension so I downloaded it straight onto my web browser and now whenever I log in or create a new account it asks to save my password.

Another awesome thing about this site it gives you a “security rating” which basically tells you how safe and secure your passwords are. When I first added some accounts I had a security rating of like 27% (whoops), 5 out of 8 accounts I had logged in had the same password. Seriously someone could have hacked my accounts easily.

But what is really helpful is that they can generate passwords for you. So on my amazon account, I clicked a button that said “auto-change” and it did exactly as it sounds. It generated a new password, logged me into amazon, changed the password and updated my information all while I took pictures of my cats.


I mean seriously how cute are these two?

Now you can see I’ve upped my game and changed most of my passwords and my security rating shows that.

Screen Shot 2016-01-31 at 9.48.35 PM

It’s really cool when it generates passwords because it is just a series of letters and numbers (ex. 8dyjTy76f this isn’t a real password as well) I would definitely recommend getting this extension if you are like me and only use 1 password, now all I need to remember is my master password.

Anyone else have problems keeping track of passwords?


4 thoughts on “So Many Passwords…

  1. This is a life saver! I’ve actually started a notebook documenting all my passwords for various website/accounts. But now that I know about this I think I am going to kiss my notebook goodbye!
    I like how it generates new passwords for you since sometimes I chosse the same password for more than one account.
    Thanks for sharing:)


    1. I love that part too! I never wanted to write passwords down in case someone found them but now I only need to remember my master password! It’s perfect.


  2. Wow this sounds like a great site Brea! I have major struggles trying to remember all of my passwords. I will definitely be giving this a try 🙂


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