Tech. Talk

Tech. Talk

Let the blogging beginning (again)! I don’t know if you noticed or cared but my last blog post was roughly 9 months ago, so that means I am rusty at this whole blogging thing. Every now and again in class, we are expected to blog and at first, I am not excited. By the time I change my theme, move things around, change my picture and then sit down to write I am pretty eager to get going, the only problem is I don’t know what to write about. Thank goodness we were given a blog prompt (hopefully we get one each week?) and by the end of the semester, I hope to be able to write blog posts without being prompted. My goal for this semester is definitely working hard on my PLN and continuing my blogging even after class is over.

Now that I got that out of the way let’s get down to the actual post. If you can tell from the title it’s going to be about technology …. in the classroom. Whether you love it or hate it we have become a very technological world. I believe that it would only make sense to include technology into our classrooms. I understand that there are many teachers who don’t want to use technology in their classroom but I think that we can reach students in ways we couldn’t before with technology, as long as it is used in a correct way.

But, what is the correct way? There isn’t only one right” answer to this question. I think the correct way is anyway as long as it teaches and engages the students. I have seen many teachers use the same tool but in different ways that both benefitted the class. I personally love Kahoot, if you haven’t checked it out it’s a quiz game where students log in through a pin number that is randomly generated when you start a game. Students then answer the questions from their phone, tablet or any other electronic device they have. I’ve seen a lot of teachers use this as a fun diagnostic tool or a different way to write a quiz. When I used this app I used it as brain break in my math class. I had a lot of students who could not sit through a sixty-one minute class (I mean who could?) So around the half way point, if there were one student who were working exceptionally hard I would ask them what kind of Kahoot they would like to do, they would give a suggestion (colours, shapes, Disney Characters, The Simpsons, cows – seriously these were all suggestions)I would find a quiz that was appropriate and we would take ten minutes to do the quiz. After we finished I told students to put away their devices and get back to work. In the beginning, I struggled with getting them back on task but towards the end, they knew exactly what to do after a quiz which was great.

I love using technology in the classroom. I think it is a great way to help students learn. I also found that sometimes the students didn’t get what I was teaching, so that night I would find a video or cool website that re-explained what I was teaching in a different way that the students might understand. In science 8 we were talking about the gas exchange process and the students were not understanding how it worked so I found this cool website that together we went through to actually show them how it worked. By the end of that class, students were actually getting it

Just recently I joined in #saskedchat on twitter. Coincidently that night we were talking about technology in the classroom. Why haven’t I done this before?!

I love the fact that I was able to collaborate with so many other people and will be definitely be doing this more often!

As teachers, we need to remember that technology is their to broaden and enhance the students learning. I know through twitter and blogging that I will enhance my own learning and because of that I will have learned how to better incorporate technology in my own classroom. I am excited to expand my PLN this semester and can not wait to continue learning.


5 thoughts on “Tech. Talk

  1. I completely agree with you Brea that, as future educators, we need to be incorporating technology into the classroom as it is becoming so prominent in our daily lives. I too struggle to determine “what is the correct way” of integrating the technology into the classroom, but more so “how” to integrate it appropriately. As probably being one of the least tech savvy people out there, I struggled with this often. During my internship I struggled how I could effectively implement technology that would enhance the students’ learning, and not simply be an “add-on” piece that in the end wasn’t very beneficial to the students. Do you struggle with this during your internship also? If so, how did you use technology to enhance students’ learning and not seem like it was a “fluff piece”?

    As similar to you, I too have started to see the benefits of building our PLN via technology (i.e. Twitter). Being able to connect with fellow educators on such a mass scale has been an “eye-opening” experience for me. I look forward in collaborating with fellow educators who can help us grow as becoming-teachers. I also liked how you used technology in the classroom as a “brain-break” which helped students refocus on their task at hand. It never occurred to me to use technology in the classroom during my internship I will definitely being trying to use that technique in the future! I too agree with you how technology helps broaden our students’ learning. In addition, I think technology helps us as educators broaden our learning and understanding at the same time. I look forward to further learning about techology in ECMP 455 this semester and how it further help us as teachers!


    1. I definitely struggled with using technology more than a “fluff piece” during internship. I showed students a lot of videos that helped explain the topic we were on (which did work to a point because it wasn’t always me talking lol) but I found it hard for me to have students use technology so they could show me their learning. I felt like I lacked resources, not that the school didn’t have them but I didn’t know what to do with them.

      I also found that the students I was with struggled with broad assignments. I mean “broad” as in I would tell students that they would need to create a presentation and they could represent it anyway they wanted and everyone decided to do a PowerPoint. Not that there is anything wrong with a PowerPoint but the students lacked the confidence to try new tools and I found I lacked the knowledge to show them the tools. Hopefully this class will be able to help me gain the knowledge so that I can show the students new ways to express their learning. Sounds like your in the same boat as me!


  2. I’m glad you are beginning to like Twitter! I honestly have struggled to be involved in the Twitter world – during ECMP355 I tried my best but seemed to drop off the map once that course was over. I have obviously been using it more now that we are in ECMP455 but I know I need to utilize it a bit more as a meaningful tool and way to collaborate with others. I hope to join more #saskedchat sessions and definitely want to have a Twitter account for my classroom someday.

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    1. Unfortunately during my ECMP355 we didn’t get to in depth with twitter so this is really my first time using it at a resource. I think it would definitely be cool to have a classroom account and hold your own twitter chats and/or connect with other classrooms around the world.


  3. I love when you say, “As teachers we need to remember that technology is there to broaden and enhance the students learning”, as teachers I think it is important to keep this in mind when teaching. Modeling those digital citizenship qualities for students to see!


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