Technology in the Classroom

Technology in the Classroom

A huge debate in schools is whether to use technology in the classroom. I myself believe that we should at times incorporate it into our lessons, we live in a very technological advance world so why would we try to hide it in our classroom. I understand that technology at times can be distracting to kids but maybe if we allowed technology to be used for educational purposed the students will be too engaged to be distracted by what else is on there.

When I was in high school my math class was an online version, where our teacher broadcasted her lesson from the neighbouring school. Through our SmartBoard we got to do variety of activities that kept us engaged and interacting with everyone which was super cool. I know that some schools don’t need to have a online classes but that shouldn’t stop them from using different technology in the classroom. An interesting graphing system is Desmos, which allows students to plot points, graph and solve equations. For visual learners this is an awesome tool to have. Using technology can help students who are different learners than how the teacher teachers. It benefits everyone and keeps students engaged.


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