Critiscism in the Classroom

Critiscism in the Classroom

In this weeks EMTH class we started off with presenting our first assignments on inquiry. During the presentations the observers were to critique each others presentations. Being able to give good criticism is an essential skill and is something that most people have to work on. Saying “I really liked this part of the assignment” is not good criticism, when you critique you need to be able to give good feedback to our peers and students. Why was it good? What made it good? These are things to ask yourself when you’re giving feedback. Criticism is not made to make the person feel bad but to help them to see improvements for themselves. Something that I need to still work on is being able to give criticism that is not always a compliment but something that needs improvement on or could be done differently.

During my groups presentation we received mostly positive criticism. The comment that really stuck with me was from Zach, who said something along the lines that I have a good speaking voice. That I was able to speak louder when I wanted to emphasize a point and that I could also speak quieter when it was less important. This really stuck with me because it’s not something that I plan to do, it is just something that I do. I think that this skill is beneficial in a classroom because you don’t just want to speak in monotone, that is like the quickest way to lose the students attention. However, I don’t think this is a new skill that I have learned recently. I have received a couple other compliments on my “teacher’s voice” so thankfully this is something that just comes naturally for me.

Teaching students how to critique one another and there own work is an essential skill the classroom. It builds confidence in students that their work is good quality without the relying on the teachers judgement. Bringing in other forms of assessment can help the student in many ways in and outside the classroom.

so I am fortunate enough that this skill comes naturally to me. I think teaching students how to properly give feedback to each other is an essential skill that they need to know. As well students who can give feedback to others help themselves so they can realize the mistakes or problems in their own work. If they can pick it out in their peers work they will hopefully be able to do the same when the


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