Secondary Mathematics

Secondary Mathematics

This semester we are requested to blog every week about our class. Our first class started off with talking about different instructional strategies and the one that is talked about in many classes is the student-centered approach.

Many students who have already graduated can say that most of their classes were lecture based which means, the teachers stood in the front of the classroom wrote notes, told them what they needed to know and then gave them an assignment that was similar to what was taught.  I know that when I was school that was how most of the classes were taught, we had very little choice in what we wanted to learn.  This is how student-centered is different. The students get to choose what they want to learn, how they want to learn and how they will get assessed with the teachers guiding them.

To this approach you really have to know your students as well a good questioning ability. You want the students to come to the conclusion themselves without you straight out telling them. This can be very difficult for many teachers, the fear of allowing students to take charge can make teachers resort to teaching lecture based. I think this is something that many teachers have to work on and I’m ready to try this in my own classroom.


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