A “Good” Student

A “Good” Student

A “good” student is usually someone who can listening quietly, write down notes, study and then do well on a test or assignment. The hand in their work completed and on-time, the don’t talk out of turn and listen to what the teacher is saying. Students are taught this from the beginning of school, what is the right way to learn. These students are the ones being privileged because the curriculum was designed for that kind of students. It was not designed for the students who are out spoken and can’t sit still for hours at the time. It isn’t for the students who can’t regurgitate the notes that was taught the day before. We are taught throughout our program that every student is different and that each individual learns different so then why can we expect all students to be by definition a “good” student.  We have to change how we think by not giving students a “good” or “bad” reputation based on the definition above. Do schools value grades or value student learning?


12 thoughts on “A “Good” Student

  1. I agree with your point that we teach the idea of a “good” student at a young age, what are some ways that we can break this pattern and get rid of the common sense definition of a “good” student?


  2. The school that I went to, for high school, actually valued learning. I say this because they got rid of all the academic awards, and are now on a four point system instead of getting a percentage.


  3. Very good question at the end, I still believe schools value grades more then student learning and I think it will continue as standardized testing is introduced more.


  4. The question around what schools value seems like an important one. If this is the common sense idea of a good student, it would seem that schools value quiet, obedience, lack of movement, … Another question might be what it would take to change this common sense idea? What will it take for schools to value students, many of whom fidget, move, need to talk to learn, can be loud and unruly… ?


  5. I like your closing comment about whether or not schools value good grades or student learning… however, if we think back to our elementary, high school, or even here in university, do you think that you would be very happy if a teacher disregarded grades altogether? From previous experience in ED classes, I have found that when the class is pass/fail (looking at student learning as opposed to grades) the students tend to not work as hard as they might have if they were given grades, and I know that a lot of people paid a lot less attention in class because they knew all they had to do was show some sort of learning.
    Just a thought!

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  6. The difference between a good student and bad student in society is based entirely on grades. If there were other forms of assessment that did not cater to one specific learner then maybe this would be a good way to judge a good and bad student, sadly this is not the case.


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