The Three Teacher Images

The Three Teacher Images

In Kevin Kumashiro book “Against Common Sense” he writes about three images that make a “good” teacher. They are “teaching as learned practitioners”, “teachers as researchers” and “teachers as professionals”.  At the U of R, in my experience I was able to fit into each one of these image at one time or another, however I do relate to “teaching as learned practitioners” the most.

In every education class no matter what age level or subject, there comes a point in the class where we talk about getting to know our students. This has been very predominant in both my math and physical education classes. I mean getting to know your students is the most important thing a teacher can do to better teach their lesson.  All students learn differently, so obviously the same lesson won’t work year after year. Knowing your students is a huge thing to know in a physical education class. By knowing your students abilities you are able to plan activities so they are able to achieve success. So many students are sitting on the sidelines or dropping out of class because the class is dominated by the “athletic” group. By knowing your students you are able to adapt the activities so it isn’t dominated by one group.

I think that farther along into the career I get the more experiences I will have in “teacher as researchers” and “teachers as professionals”


One thought on “The Three Teacher Images

  1. You mentioned why it is important to get to know your students in a physical education class. Why do you think it is important to get to know your students in other classes, such as mathematics?


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